Standing upright in front of the mirror look at your breast carefully.

                                                                SELF-EXAM STEP 2

Look for any change in the size or shape.

Then look on the nipple area.

Has one nipple turned in, up or down?

Is there any scaling or crest on the skin?

                                                              SELF-EXAM STEP. 3

Clasp your hands behind your head and press them forward against your head.

Watch your breast for any change or dimpling.

                                                              SELF-EXAM STEP 4

Put your hands on your hips, push them in.

Bow forward with your shoulders and elbows,

look for any changes in the outline pulling in or dimpling of the skin or retraction of the nipple.

                                                             SELF-EXAM STEP 5

Think the breast as the face of a clock,

start feeling at 12 o clock and press it gently around the figures of the clock.

Then move in an inch and repeat the procedure until all the parts of the breast have been examined.
Now check the nipple area to ensure that there is no blood or discharge coming out from it.

                                                            SELF-EXAM STEP 6

When examination is complete, bring right arm to the side and feel under armpit.

Repeat the same examination procedure for the other breast.