KIRAN Patients Welfare Society (KPWS)

KIRAN patients’ welfare society, founded on
January 30th 2003
is associated with the Karachi Institute Of Radiotherapy And Nuclear Medicine (KIRAN) Hospital

With the sole motivation of pleasing Allah, we are working for the welfare of the poor and non affording cancer patients providing them Chemotherapy Treatment facilities absolutely free. 

During this course KPWS has spent an amount of Rs. 59 million for the provision of  chemotherapy to the poor cancer patients treated at "KIRAN"
KPWS will work within the limits of "Shariah" is funded by "Donations", “Zakat” and “Khairat”. KPWS will take all measures which contribute to the fore side vision, may it be research, education and training.

Now "KPWS" has the privilege to launch awareness program on early detection of Breast Cancer.
The awareness will provide Women help for today and hope for tomorrow.


Mission Statement

To create
awareness for early detection about Breast Cancer,
as "Early Detection Save Lives"

At this time in Pa
kistan, about 90% cases of Breast Cancer are diagnosed on the Third or the Forth stage. Our Mission is to create Awareness of early detection of Breast Cancer as it Save Lives.

Created By : Ali Hassan

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